I am glad to announce about a new course I have recently completed to develop that comes to assist with acquiring the object oriented basic ideas. This course was developed for software programmers who are already familiar with procedural programming and plan to learn an object oriented software programming language such as C#, Java & PHP. This course is available for free (for personal usage only) at abelski.

If you are new to software programming I strongly recommend you to start with the ‘Introduction to Procedural Programming’ before you take this course.

This course uses the common graphics notations for creating flow chart diagrams as well as the common notation for creating UML class diagram. In addition, it uses the BlueJ educational application as a mean for getting into coding and see how everything works in real.

This course includes the following topics:
Objects & Classes       
Class Members        
Overloading Methods       
Overriding Methods       
Abstract Class       
Objects Relationships

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