The XtremePython Online Conference Supportive Meetup Groups

We are currently looking for meetup groups that focus on Python (or on other related topics) that will be interested in supporting the XtremePython coming online conference. You can find more information about this coming conference at The support we are looking for can include the following, and beyond! We would appreciate updating the […]

Black Friday December 2020

Join the Python Programming course that starts on 5.1.2021 and get freeaccess to 3 out of the 4 Seminars listed below! If you alreadytook our Python Programming course you can register for any of these four newseminars and get free access to 2 other ones you choose (out of these 4 seminars listed below). This […]

Data Classes in Python

As of Python 3.7, we will be able to mark the class we define with the @dataclass decorator. Doing so, the newly defined class will be a data class (similarly¬†to Data Class in Kotlin). As with Kotlin, the main outcome of having our class defined as a data class is having auto-generated methods, such as […]