The Visitor Design Pattern

The Visitor Design Pattern

The visitor design pattern allows us to add operations to objects that already exist without modifying their classes and without extending them.

FED Academic Course in HIT Summer 2023

Front End Development

FED stands for Front End Development. It is one of the hottest topics these days. The academic FED course I deliver focuses mostly on the more complex topics.

Anti Patterns

What are Anti Patterns?

Unlike design patterns, anti patterns just seem to be a solution. However, they are not a solution and they cause additional costs.

Virtual Threads in Java

Virtual Threads in Java Professional Seminar

The use of virtual threads can assist us with improving the performance of our code. Learn how to use virtual threads effectively.

The Power of Functional Programming

What is Functional Programming Banner?

The Functional programming paradigm treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing state and mutable data.

MongoDB Design Patterns Meetup

NoSQL Databases Courses, Seminars, Consulting, and Development

The use of MongoDB involves with various cases in which we can overcome performance issues by implementing specific design patterns.

Record Classes in Java

image of woman and database

Learn how to define record classes in Java, and when to use record classes in your code. Stay up to date with the new Java features.

The Fetch API Meetup

laptop javascript hands banner

Learn how to use the Fetch API when coding in JavaScript. Don’t settle with using the XmlHttpRequest object.

Which Computer is Faster?

cpu banner

Comparing two computers cannot be done solely by comparing their CPUs. There are many other factors that influence the performance .

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