Biorhythm is a Java ME application for mobile telephones that calculates biorhythmic curves. This application allows setting the birthday and getting the physical (red), emotional (blue) and intellectual (yellow) biorhythmic curves (energy levels) for any selected date. Biorhythm was developed by Mobizex, a separated business unit within Zindell Technologies.

This application is available world wide. One of the carriers that has recently placed it for sale is Mirs. Mirs is the iDEN israeli wireless carrier that offers its customers many of Zindell Technologies‘ Java ME games & applications. Prior to placing Biorhythm for sale via Mirs, Zindell Technologies has developed its version for Motorola i9, the new iDEN mobile telephone model.

Mirs offers to its customers many of Zindell Technologies‘ Java games & applications. Both the ones developed by Jacado and the ones developed by Mobizex. Biorhythm is one of them.


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