Learn and Evolve by Watching my Professional Video Clips on YouTube!

I provide professional services, including training, consulting, and development. Acquiring my professional services is feasible at life michael (only). I don’t provide my services through other companies. In order to acquire my professional services please send an email at info[at]

You can find more information about the professional courses I deliver at These courses include premium professional courses, online asynchronous courses on Udemyasynchronous online courses at life michael academy, and asynchronous online courses for kids at life michael kids

You can find more information about the professional seminars I deliver at If there is a topic for which we still haven’t developed a seminar please don’t hesitate and let me know. 

I provide premium professional training services tailored and optimized for software developers. I work with high tech companies directly. I follow the Extreme Blended methodology. 

The Beauty of Code

Coding is Art! Developing Code That Works is Simple. Develop Code with Style is a Challenge!

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