FED Academic Course in HIT Summer 2023

Front End Development
FED stands for Front End Development. It is one of the hottest topics these days. The academic FED course I deliver focuses mostly on the more complex topics.

The Front End Development is a huge domain. I deliver both professional and academic trainings in this domain for more than 25 years. The Front End Development academic course delivered during Summer 2023 in HIT is one of the many elective courses the Computer Science BSc program allows its student to select from. 

The More Complex Topics

The Front End Development domain is huge. I chose to focus on the more interesting and more difficult topics. As a result of that, CSS and HTML were left for self-study, and the basic topics of JavaScript were covered relatively fast during the first meetings. 

Ajax Implementation
Many software developers are not aware of the various possibilities they have to implement Ajax in their code. I chose to cover both the use of the XHR object, and the Fetch API. In addition, I chose to cover the CORS specification and the use of the FormData constructor function. 

The IndexedDB Database
The web browser provides us with various mechanisms for storing data. I chose to skip the WebSQL (after all it is already deprecated) and focus on the IndexedDB instead. IndexedDB provides us with asynchronous API. It is a more efficient database that will allow every front end to store more data compared with using the WebSQL database. 

The Promise API
The use of promises in our code is probably the most difficult topic my course covers. I chose to cover this topic in details, while going over all the nitty gritty and cover nearly the entire Promise API. 

The React.js Library
I had some thoughts to cover Angular instead. However, given the rising popularity of React.js and relatively lower one of Angular, I chose to stick with the students’ interests and cover React.js. In order to allow decent coverage I chose to shift hours from covering basic topics in HTML to React.js

Advanced Topics in TypeScript
The original plan was to dedicate 3 meetings to TypeScript. Given that all students already know C++ and Java, I decided to dedicate to TypeScript one meeting only, quickly go over the basics (very similar to Java) and skip to the more advanced topics. 

You can find more detailed information about the topics this course covers by going over the syllabus

My Professional Courses

Apart of delivering academic courses in HIT, I also deliver professional courses. The ones that are relevant to the academic Front End Development course include the following: Node.js Fundamentals, Software Engineering in PHP, React.js Fundamentals, Angular Fundamentals, and the professional Front End Development course. 

The life michael professional Courses

In order to assist my students in this academic course I chose to grant every student (that wants it) a free access to my professional online courses at life michael professional

The life michael Udemy Courses

In order to assist my students in this academic course I chose to grant every student (that wants it) a free access to my online courses on Udemy

i continuously develop new professional academic courses. Teaching academic courses in one way for learning new topics and stay up-to-date.


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