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The Importance of SEO to Software Developers life michael professional training services

Why Web Developers Should Learn SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodical process that leads to having our website or one of its pages show as one of the first results when searching for specific terms.

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life michael premium professional training services for software developers

Software Development Trainer Must Continuously Learn

Software development technologies continuously change, and new ones emerge. Whether it is a new programming language, a new platform, a new framework, or a new library, we should stay tuned and continuously learn and update our professional skills.

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Online Professional Programming Courses

Learn programming languages using premium online asynchronous courses. These courses are developed both in Hebrew and in English. 

Online Programming Courses for Kids

Step by step, asynchronous online programming courses for kids, and their parents. These courses are developed both in Hebrew and in English. 

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Free Professional Meetups

I continuously deliver professional meetups. I run three professional meetup groups. The first focuses on professional software development topics. More info at The second focuses on computer programming training for kids. More info at The third focuses on computer programming activities for kids in Tel-Aviv. More info at

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Personal Training

When taking the premium hybrid courses and seminars that I deliver, you will find yourself in a training with up to 10 students (max!).

International Service

I believe that our world is one, and therefore I make a special effort to offer my courses and seminars world wide.

Amazingly Responsive

When taking any of the premium hybrid courses and seminars that I deliver, you will get personal assistance over WhatsApp (in between the meetings).

Professional Groups

I believe in communities, and therefore I make a special effort to develop and maintain professional groups over facebook.

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The Beauty of Code

Coding is Art! Developing Code That Works is Simple. Develop Code with Style is a Challenge!