This Thursday (July 30th 2009) at 17:30 I am going to lecture about the PHP Programming Language. This lecture will be delivered in Ness College (Tel-Aviv, Kiryat Atidim). It will be delivered in Hebrew and is free of charge (subject to pre registration via Yaniv Zlatin at

During the lecture I will go over PHP main characteristics and especially the ones that turn it into a unique language for web applications development, compare it with other software programming languages (Java EE and .NET), overview the huge range of open source projects developed in PHP and guide about the first steps you should take in order to start learning how to develop PHP web applications (which open source & free software tools we need to install etc.). During the lecture we will also develop small php web application that shows the simplicity of this software programming language.

In the end of this lecture I will refer to the “PHP Web Applications” course, delivered in Ness College. More info about this course can be found at You can download the presentation of my free lecture (PHP Jump Start) at

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