What is Asynchronous Learning?

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Learn about the difference between online asynchronous and synchronous training.

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in our lives. One of them is the way we learn. Online live video solutions have become acceptable in many areas of our life, including education. Following this change, the use of online courses that were already recorded has become more acceptable, and the term asynchronous learning has become widespread.

What is the difference between online synchronous and online asynchronous learning?

When taking an asynchronous online course, the learning doesn’t include live meetings with the teacher. When taking a synchronous online course, the students meet online live with their teacher.

We believe that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to these two options. There are topics that are usually best taught asynchronously and their are topics that we better deliver them synchronously in order to allow us to finetune the teaching to the students and in order to allow the students to finetune their questions and have them answered live while the learning takes place. In addition, different students might have different preferences.

We believe in hybrid learning (AKA blended learning). Blending the goods of the two approaches and doing so in accordance with our client’s preferences.

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