The XtremeJ online conference focuses on the Java programming language. It will take place on Tuesday, November 21th. 

Learn how to secure your web application and protect it from SQL Injections. Learn about the various types of SQL Injections.

Learn. Implement. Secure.

Learn how to secure your web applications from hacking that might exploit security vulnerabilities created by the use of cookies.

Learn, Interact, Socialize and Evolve.

The international professional conferences XtremeJ, XtremePython and XtremeJS will take place in November and December. The CFP for these conferences is still open!

The Best Practices

Become familiar with the object-oriented best practices in the JavaScript programming langauge.

Premium Professional Synchronous Hybrid Courses

Our Upoming Courses

Python Programming

Our Python Programming coming premium hybrid course starts on Tuesday, 10th, October 2023. The course covers topics that are relevant for all Python developers.

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PHP Programming

Our PHP Programming premium hybrid synchronous course starts on Monday, March 4th, 2024.

Node.js Fundamentals

Our Node.js coming premium synchronous course starts on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024.

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Our Popular Seminars

django basics

Functional Programming in Java

Become familiar with the principles of functional programming and their implementation in Java.

PySpark Fundamentals

Become familiar with the PySpark library and its capabilities.

SOLID Design Principles

Become familiar with the SOLID software design principles.

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Our Upcoming Free Meetups

Learn The Scala Programming Language!

Scala Jump Start

Become familiar with the most powerful functional programming language. Haim Michael will deliver this meetup online on January 2nd, 2024.

Kotlin Course

Kotlin Jump Start

Become familiar with Kotlin! The relatively new shining Java based programming language! Haim Michael will deliver this meetup online on February 6th, 2024.​

The MVVM Architecture Meetup

The MVVM Architecture

Learn about the MVVM architecture! Improve your coding skills! Learn through the live coding session this coming meetup includes. Haim Michael will deliver this meetup online on March 5th, 2024.

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Our Hot Courses on Udemy

Reflection in Java

Learn about the Reflection capabilities in Java, and acquire the required skills for using it effectively in your code.

Inner Classes in Java

Learn about inner classes in Java, and gain in-depth understanding in this topic.

Decorators in Python Banner

Decorators in Python

Learn how to develop new decorators in Python, and gain in-depth understanding in this topic.

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The Secret Ingredient

When comparing companies that deliver professional training to software developers we can get a detailed objective comparison.

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The PHP Fast Track Seminar

The PHP programming language excels in its simplicity and its easy learning curve. Experienced software developers will find it amazingly simple to learn.

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Patterns Matching in Scala

Patterns Matching in Scala

Patterns Matching is a classic topic supported by many programming languages, including Scala. You can now properly learn this topic using the seminar we developed.

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Scala Fast Track

Scala Fast Track

Scala and Kotlin are very similar. If you happen to know Kotlin we can provide you with an efficient fast training to Scala.

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Coroutines in Kotlin

Coroutines in Kotlin

The use of coroutines allows us to develop asynchronous code with better performance (comparing with using threads) and in a simpler way.

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