Software Developers Social Events

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Many software developers find themselves spending many hours in front of the computer, focusing on code and solving problems. It is important to remember that a positive social relationship and a sense of community are of great importance to both work and personal life. There are many social activities that can help software developers connect, learn and have fun together.

Competitions in Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming

Having Fun with Recursion

Taking recursion to the next level. Experience a recursive intoxication.

Online Quizzes with The Kahoot Platform!

Kahoot Based Competitions

The Trivia of Programming

Trivia questions about software development. Excellent choice for heterogeneous audience.

The Programming Ninja

Challenging questions to every software developer. Excellent choice for highly talented developers.

Extreme Programming

Taking a specific programming language to the Extreme. Excellent choice for highly professional developers.

Social Activities for Software Developers

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