Strategic Consulting

The Software Developers Marketing Funnel

The Software Developers Marketing Funnel

Without having it managed, a marketing funnel is created. It helps high-tech companies recruit talents for software development positions and it helps educational institutions with marketing their related learning programs and courses.

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Strategic Consulting

What are Anti Patterns?

The term ‘Anti Patterns’ was coined by Andrew Koing in 1995. Having Anti Patterns in our project means additional costs.

The MVVM Architecture

The MVVM Architecture

The MVVM architecture was developed for developing desktop applications with a GUI. MVVM allows us a clear separation between the View and the Model.

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One on One Training

Sometimes, despite the relatively high cost per hour of instruction, private instruction that is maximally adapted to the student is actually the more efficient and cheaper option.

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Courses for Managers

Managers in HighTech Companies

Many managers in high-tech companies have no background in software development. The gap in understanding the system that exists between them and the software developers in the company often leads to many difficulties in their work.

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Courses for Managers

Seminars for Managers

Technologies change over time. Most of today business decisions include technology aspects that should be taken into consideration.

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Social Media

SEO and Web Development

The SEO process should be part of the development phase. Introducing changes once the development ends is more difficult.

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