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תמונה של מי שלומד תכנות life michael שירותי הדרכה למתכתנתים
Don't be in a rush to enroll an expensive programming course. Start with taking our compatibility exam and with a small try to learn by yourself.

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Many people learn from the news about the great salaries paid to software developers, as a result of that, many of them are motivated to take programming courses.


The reality is that most people are not equipped with the minimum required capabilities and motivation to succeed in programming.


Making the effort to learn programming might be a bit expensive. Programming courses are usually not cheap.


We recommend doing the first steps by taking free courses you can find on the web or by watching video clips that explain the fundamental topics in programming. You can find many free video clips that explain the basics on Youtube. We also recommend taking the compatibility exam we developed on Udemy. 


If the first indications are promising, we recommend starting with programming languages that have a more friendly learning curve, such as Python.


Having dilemmas when thinking about programming is natural. Taking professional consulting might help, and might save money on your end. 

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