K-12 Training Services

Professional Training Services to Teachers and Students in Kindergartens and Schools.

All the training programs that appear on this page are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education, and you can find them on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Education. We can change and adapt each and every program in accordance with your needs, we can deliver every program either online using Zoom or in person, and we can deliver every program both in English and in Hebrew.

Training Programs Covered by Gefen

Gefen Training Programs

Projects Management

Become familiar with the fundamentals of software development projects management with UML, and various Agile methodologies.

Introduction to SQL Injection

Become familiar with SQL Injections, and acquire precious practical experience.

Front End Development with React.js

Learn the basics of front end development using the React.js library.

Server Side Development with Node.js

Workshop for managing software development projects using UML and Agile Methodologies.

Our Greedy to Knowledge and Understanding is Our Power!

Additional Training Programs

Python Programming

Learn how to develop computer programs with Python, and become familiar to some of the more advanced topics.

Kotlin Programming

Don't settle with Java. Move forward and learn Kotlin. Don't stay behind.

Java Programming

Don't settle with the basic topics in Java the official education plan includes. Learn beyond, and excels!

Server Side Development with Node.js

Learn how to develop REStful web services and Web Applications using the Node.js platform.

Front End Development with React.js

Learn how to develop the front end of web applications using the React.js library.

Introduction to MongoDB

This workshop focuses on the MongoDB database. You will become familiar with using MongoDB and with various tools that can assist.

Clean Code Fundamentals

This workshop was developed based on Robert Martin's best seller books. Taking this workshop your code's quality will improve.

Practical Unit Testing

Learn how to write unit tests, become familiar with the Test Driven Development methodology, and improve your programming skills.

The SOLID Principles

Taking this workshop you will become familiar with the SOLID principles, and improve your OOP skills.

Machine Learning Basics

Taking this workshop you will become familiar with Machine Learning, and acquire the basics for a continuous self learning.

Functional Programming Basics

Become familiar with the functional programming paradigm and the Scala programming language.

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Tailor-Made Training Services

Your needs

We are a small boutique training company that focuses on the delivery of premium training services for software developers. We will do our best to focus on your needs and provide you with the best possible service. 

Your success is ours!

We will do our best to serve your needs! This is our business model!

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