Consulting Services

We do our best for Our Clients! Their success is ours!

Developers Assessment

The assessment of software developers has never been easy. We can assist you with assessing the developers you already employ and the ones you think to higher.

Software Technologies

Selecting which programming language to use in our coming project... which platform... which framework... which library... these questions have never been easy. We can assist you with taking the right decision.

System Architecture

When developing a new system, one of the most important questions most developers face is which architecture they should implement. We can assist.

Development Methodology

In most cases, it isn't about selecting a specific methodology and implementing it according to the book. Usually, we will find ourselves selecting different parts out of selected different methodologies. We can assist!

personal Coaching

Which programming languages to learn... which libraries... which frameworks... these and many other related questions bother many software developers. The best path is different from one developer to another. We can assist you the taking the best decision.

Training Plans

Moving forward while adopting new programming languages, new frameworks and new technologies is not simple. In many cases there is a need in professional training. We can assist with tailoring the most suitable training plan!

Mobile Applications

When developing a mobile application there are so many technologies possibilities. Should we develop a native application or maybe a hybrid one? Should we use Flutter or maybe ReactNative? What about Xamarin? We can assist you selecting the most suitable technologies for the very specific application you should develop.

Front End Development

When developing the front end of our web application there are so many possibilities... should we use Angular... or maybe React... or maybe we should do it the vanilla way...? The most suitable technologies vary from one project to another. We can assist you picking the most suitable technologies for your specific project.

Training Methodologies

Maintaining and improving the quality of software development teams is a never ending process. The best way for doing it varies from one company to another. We can assist you with tailoring the best most suitable methodology for your team.

Rise to the top

Increase Productivity

Taking the right decisions, while picking the most suitable software development tools, is the best path for increasing our software development teams’ productivity. 

Thinking First

The very first step in every project we develop should be planning a head the development of the entire project. Thinking first, with our assistance will minimise the risk for a failure, and increase the prospects for success.  

Best Practices

Learning from others’ experience is in most cases an important factor for success. It would be our pleasure to assist you with the adoption of best practices in your workflow, and in your code. 

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