Happy Birthday to Java

Java 29 birthday
The Java programming language will celebrate its 29th birthday on May 23th. We chose to surprise you all with a small present.

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The Java programming language appeared in 1995. Next year we will celebrate its 30th birthday. In preparation for the 29th birthday, we chose to create the JAVA29 coupon, which gives a 60% discount on the purchase of the Java programming asynchronous online course @ life michael professional (in Hebrew). 

Learn in Your Own Pace

The asynchronous courses (in Hebrew) that we develop for independent learning are available on the life michael professional website (in Hebrew). These courses allow learning at a time and pace that suits you.

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Learning Professional Support

When taking a course on life michael professional, support is provided personally, and any question arises is answered (through a dedicated group on LinkedIn).

The First Lessons are Free

The first four lessons in the Java Programming course are now available for free. You can start learning now.

The Java Programming Discount

Use the JAVA29 coupon for getting a 60% discount on the Java Programming course. This coupon is valid till May 25th. 


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