The First Four Lessons Are Free

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The first four lessons in the Java programming course (life michael professional) are now available for free!

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The Israeli accessibility law is known for its strict requirements, especially when it comes to websites that are intended for residents of Israel. One of its strict requirements is to add subtitles to video clips that are integrated into those web sites. The production of those subtitles involves extremely high costs and the Israeli accessibility law allows in certain cases to avoid this.

Subtitles Production Difficulties

Video clips in Hebrew on topics related to software development, usually include texts in hebrew in which concepts in english are integrated. The combination of two languages in the same video clip makes it difficult to produce subtitles using tools designed to help. The result of using those tools is not good and it is necessary to manually go through the products produced by these tools to correct and sometimes produce the subtitles manually.

Video Subtitles Exemption

One of the cases where adding subtitles can be avoided is when the access to the video clips is not freely open and the number of people who have this access does not exceed 500. Thanks to this exemption the continuous development of this website is possible. On the other hand, since the number of users who have access to video clips is limited, we had no choice but to stop providing free access to teachers and students in the academic courses taught by Haim Michael.

Free Access to First Lessons

For a very long time, the first lessons in courses on this website weren’t available for free. The reason for this is the subtitles that need to be added to every video clip that is freely available. We have recently started producing subtitles using the tool. The tool is far from perfect. Sometimes the tool ignores entire sections, it is necessary to go through and manually correct its products. On the other hand, the strong desire to allow free access to the first lessons encouraged us during the much work we had to do to add subtitles to the first lessons, and now the first four lessons in the Java programming course (@ life michael professional in hebrew) are available for free.

free access

We hope the tool will continue to improve. We work closely with this company and provide them with feedback that is intended to help them to improve the tool. We hope that the tool will improve and in the future we will be able to use it to add subtitles to all video clips in the Java programming course, not just the first four lessons. We hope to assist everyone who does need these subtitles.

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