I am glad to announce about “UML 2.1 Fundamentals”, a new course I have developed few months ago and recently completed to refine based on feedbacks received through two separated UML public courses I lectured.

This new course overviews the 13 separated diagrams defined by UML 2.1 and delivers a practical approach while using UML. In addition to overviewing each one of these diagrams this course covers related methodologic and practical topics from a practical perspective.

Working on this course I did my best covering the required topics for passing the OCUP Fundamental certification exam. Doing so I chose to add “UML Behavior Modeling” as a separated topic.

This new course includes the following 25 topics:
UML Introduction       
Modeling Theory       
Object Oriented Concepts       
Class Design Principles       
System Requirements       
UML General Guidelines       
UML Basic Elements       
UML Use Case Diagrams       
UML Class Diagrams       
UML Package Diagrams       
UML Object Diagrams       
UML State Machine Diagrams        
UML Activity Diagrams       
UML Component Diagrams       
UML Deployment Diagrams       
UML Composite Structure Diagrams       
UML Sequence Diagrams        
UML Timing Diagrams       
UML Communication Diagram       
UML Interaction Overview Diagrams       
UML Behavior Modeling        
Development Life Cycle and UML       
Software Architecture and UML       
UML Tools Overview       
UML Meta Model

This course is available for free at www.abelski.com.

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