Dear Friends,

I am writing this post to provide more information about a new professional long term course I have recentle completed to develop for Ness IT Business College (Israel).

This course includes 320 academic hours and is suitable for people without any backgound in software development as well. Those without any background in software development will acquire the fundamental procedural programming topics via an additional 30 academic hours preparation course.

This course covers the following topics:

Topic                                   Academic Hours
Java SE                                150
Web Technologies                10
Databases                            15
Java ME                               10
Java EE                                100
Final Project                         80
Project Guidance                   15

The ‘Final Project’ part is performed in a self study mode. For a detailed list of the sub topics included within each one of these topics please check the presentation below.

This course should start on Friday January 23th 2008 in Ness IT Business College Tel-Aviv branch. The course includes two meetings every week (Wednesday evening & Friday morning). The course will be delivered in Hebrew.

If you are new to Java I recommend you to take a look at the following two video clips:

For more information about the course as well as for getting personal consultation and registering the coming conference please contact with Oz Arel at

Should you have any professional questions regarding this long term course please don’t hesitate and add it as a comment for this post. I promise to reply all questions.

Good luck!


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