I am working now on updating the slides of my ‘Introduction to HTML 5’ course. I am updating both the commercial version available at www.xperato.com and the community version available for free personal usageĀ at www.abelski.com.

The new video tag that allows us to place video in our web page without using any proprietry technology such as Flash or Silverlight is IMHO one of the most important HTML 5 capabilities.

This video clip is the OGG version of Big Buck Bunny and it is displayed in your web browser using the following code.

<video src="http://mirror.bigbuckbunny.de/peach/bigbuckbunny_movies/big_buck_bunny_480p_stereo.ogg"
browser does not support html 5.0

If you cannot see the video just check it with another web browser that already supports the HTML 5 video tag.

For more info about the HTML 5 video tag and about the other HTML 5 capabilities make sure you check out my ‘Introduction to HTML 5’ course at www.abelski.com.

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