For most people, this post will most likely seem strange and for some, it might even look a bit of an arrogant one. For a very small group of people, the problem I am about to describe in this post might sound familiar.

I have always (and still am) enjoy assisting others and sharing my knowledge and experience with as many developers as possible. The drive to share the knowledge and experience I acquire during my work has led me to develop a website through which I provide a variety of free (for personal and academic usage) eLearning courses about various topics in software development. The very same drive has also led me to the development of other web sites, such as,, and, and to the decision, I took to focus on teaching.

During the last 20 years, I have taught thousands of students world wide. With many of them I still keep in touch. Thanks to facebook and linkedin keeping in touch has become even simpler. During the last year and especially following the intense schedule of courses I teach both in high tech companies and in academic institutions, I find my self facing a very big number of emails with professional questions that consume more and more of my private time.

Unless I put an end to this situation I will eventually find my self spending my entire free time on answering professional questions.

I chose to take a decision and put an end for this situation. From now on please don’t send me emails with professional questions. If you still have a professional difficulty for which you need an assistance please place a post in the relevant community. You can alternatively try searching google and use websites, such as stackoverflow.

If you are a student in one of the courses I teach in academic institutions please meet me in my reception hour. I will be more than happy to assist you during that hour.

If you are still in a need for my professional assistance and none of the previously described options fit your case you can get more information about acquiring my services at

I hope you can understand my side.

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