Working with android platform during the past three years, hereto my thoughts about some of the most important things that should to be improved.

The first and the most important thing is the android devices defragmentation problem (skype still doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S i9000). Either the current android compatability document is improved or another approach is taken.

The second most important thing is the documentation. Too often me and my students tackle platform classes that lack documentation. I strongly believe that a second review for the android documentation by an unbiased professional could make the difference.

The third most important thing is the Eclipse IDE, its related development tools and the complex installation process. Although you eventually get used to its slowness and to its visual user interface designer, the comparison with Microsoft is inevitable. I strongly believe there is a place for some improvement. In addition, the complexity involved with the installation process of the required Eclipse IDE, its plug-in and the required Android SDK is away too difficult to follow for those who have no experience using the Eclipse IDE. I believe that one single installation file that installs everything (similarly to the Glassfish Bundle for Eclipse) could do the trick.

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