During the past year I have been playing around with the WP7 platform. The platform is heaven for any developer. The simpllicy inolved with applications development for the WP7 platform is unmatchable. Yet, there are few improvements I hope Microsoft will introduce.

The first and the most important improvement is changing the web browser engine into IE9 or even IE10 (when released). Current engine is IE7 and its support for HTML5 doesn’t meet today standards. Developing high quality web applications or hybrid ones is impossible. Frameworks such as jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch don’t work.

The second most important improvement is the ability to interact between separated applications installed on the WP7 platform. Unlike the Android platform architecture that allows the user to navigate from one activity to another while having each one of them part of a separated application (process), the WP7 platform doesn’t. The lack of this support prevents us from the implementation of new business models as it happens on the android platform. The lack of this support prevents us from extending the device capabilities in ways yet to be imagined.

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