On November 15th 2010 I will start lecturing a the “Analysis & Design Using UML” course. The course will take place in the Technion. The course includes eight meetings and aside of going through UML it includes practical labs through which the participants will gain practical experience in analysis & design using UML.

This course covers all 13 diagrams the UML 2.1 specification defines. The complete list of topics includes the following:
UML Introduction
Modeling Theory
Object Oriented Concepts
Class Design Principles
System Requirements
General Guidelines
Basic Elements
Use Case Diagrams
Class Diagrams
Package Diagrams
Object Diagrams
State Machine Diagrams
Activity Diagrams
Component Diagrams
Deployment Diagrams
Composite Structure Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Timing Diagrams
Communication Diagrams
Interaction Overview Diagrams
Behavior Modeling
Development Life Cycle and UML
Software Architecture and UML
UML Tools Overview
UML Meta Model

The complete detailed plan of this course is available at http://docs.google.com/View?id=dcncp28t_132d5kvjrct.

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