Three months ago I have started to explore the PHPUnit framework that aims at assisting PHP developers performing unit testing for the code they develop. I was amazed of the various possibilities available for PHP developers who choose to use this framework. Surely no doubt an excellent work was done developing this specific framework. Comparing it with JUnit there are certainly more than a few features JUnit can adopt.

In order to assist you with using this framework I have just completed to prepare few video clips that will make things simpler on your end. The first video clip explains how to instal Pear, an essential tool in order to get PHPUnit latest version installed on your PC. The second explains how to install PHPUnit. The third explains how to use PHPUnit in order to perform simple unit testing for the code you wrote in PHP.

Following my exploration the PHPUnit framework I have recetnly started to use it each and every complex PHP application I develop. In order to share my knowledge and experience using this framework I have just completed to develop a professional course that can assist you in getting the professional knowledge and experience required to start using PHPUnit in your work. More information about this professional course can be found at

The community version of this course is available for free personal and academic usage at

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