Scala is an object oriented and a functional programming language. If you already know Java or C# you will find Scala an easy to learn and a powerful one.

Most of the new features that were added in C# (comparing with Java) exist as well, and apart of enjoying the power of OOP you will also get to enjoy the power of Functional Programming. There are many advantages for using Scala. However, the one I find as the most interesting one from a business perspective is the ability to compile code written in Scala either into intermediate language code or into java byte code.

Companies, that maintain two versions for their products, one for the .NET platform and one for the Java EE platform, can use Scala for maintaining the core modules of their products in one version. The Scala version. Given the scalability related unique adavantages of Scala (comparing with Java and .NET), doing so can also assist with implementing the required changes set by the dynamic business environment in which we operate.

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