, an israeli web site is up and running since July 2008. This web site allows any person with obesity problems or a professional related one (e.g. Nutrition Specialist, Fitness Trainer etc.) to set up a blog (for free) and share the world with his/her experience.

The idea to set up this web site emerged in my mind following a severe obesity from which I suffered. After gaining an over weight of more than 58 KG ( I reached the weight of 146 KG) I chose to start a process through which I shall start losing this overweight and gain my life back. So far I have already lost more than 47 KG!

Searching the web for answers I found an amazing huge number of success stories about people that succeeded to lose weight. The common base for those stories was the support those people received from their environment and especialy from anonymous people on the web. Based on this finding I chose to enable any person who wants to lose weight to set up his/her own blog (for free), share his/her experience with other people on the web and gain their support, strength and advice.

I chose to use the open source project WordPress MU, that allows setting up a web site through which any person who wants to set up his/her own blog can do it for free. In addition, in order to spice up this new emerging community I chose to release a new related article/story every day. I focus especially on success stories. I consider these stories as the most encouraging ones for those who struggle to lose weight.

I will be very glad to get a professional feedback from any psychology related professional. Any thought and/or feedback that will shed more light about the psychology effect of using blogs for weight loss will be highly appreciated.

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