I am glad to announce about “Business Blogs”, a new course I have just completed to develop. This course introduces the revolutionary new possiblities every business can enjoy via blogs. Both internal and external ones. This course overviews the blog mindset, the blog possible usages for every business, the available types of business blogs and introduces the recommended practices in this field.

This course focuses on the marketing aspects and it was developed especially for non technical management personel.

This course includes the following eight topics:
Business Impact
Types of Blogs
Internal Communication
Marketing Intelligence
Blogging Practices
Technical Aspects
Case Studies

This course is continueously developed to cover up-to-date aspects related to blogs and their role in today businesses.

I will be very glad to get your feedback regarding the presentations I have prepared so far. I will be very glad to get any idea regarding topics and sub topics currently missing. Should you have any idea to improve this course please don’t hesitate and let me know.

You can find this course (including these presentations and all other resources such as forums, chats and links) as well as many other courses available for free at www.abelski.com. The registration is free.

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