I have recently completed the slides for the ‘C# Fundamentals’ course’s ‘Networking’ topic. This course is available for free at www.abelski.com.

Comparing the Networking support I found in C# with the one I know in Java, more than a few similarities can be found. Being subjective about Java I find it difficult to say which of the two languages made it simpler for the developer.

You can find the new slides available at http://www.abelski.com/courses/csharp/networking.pdf.

Apart of the slides themselves, I have also completed to prepare a series of short video clips that explain the various networking capabilities C# provides us with. Those video clips are available as part of the ‘C# Fundamentals’ course, which you can find for free at www.abelski.com. These video clips include the following ones.

Web Client Demo

Web Request Demo

HTTP Headers

Query String

Submission Form


Simple HTTP Server

Dns Demo

TCP Client Server

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