I have recently completed the slides for the ‘C# Fundamentals’ course’s ‘Threads’ topic. This course is available for free at www.abelski.com.

Comparing the Threading support I found in C# with the one I know in Java, more than a few similarities can be found. Nevertheless, the effort to provide improved threading capabilities in C# cannot be ignored.

You can find the new slides available at http://www.abelski.com/courses/csharp/threads.pdf.

Apart of the slides themselves, I have also completed to prepare a series of short video clips that explain the various threading capabilities C# supports. Those video clips are available as part of the ‘C# Fundamentals’ course, which you can find for free at www.abelski.com.  These video clips include the following ones.

Simple Thread

Threads Pool

Background & Foreground Threads

Asynchronous Delegates

Mutex Demo

Semaphore Demo

Timer Demo

Event Wait Handle Demo

ManualResetEvent Demo

Threads Signaling Demo

BackgroundWorker Demo

Local Storage Demo

Monitor Wait & Pulse Demo

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