What is Cornerstone Content?

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The cornerstone content of every website includes the main, and the most important pages and posts. It is the core of the website’s content.

Code with Me Collaborative Coding

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Using JetBrains’ IDEs you can easily share your IDE with remote friends allowing them to work on your IDE as if they were sitting next to you.

Why Web Developers Should Learn SEO?

The Importance of SEO to Software Developers life michael professional training services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodical process that leads to having our website or one of its pages show as one of the first results when searching for specific terms.

The First Steps in CSS

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Learn CSS using our our videos (in Hebrew) on the CSS (he) playlist on youtube. Do it now. Do it for free.

Good Trainers Collaborate with Others

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It is always essential to keep an open mind and learn from others. This applies to everyone, including teachers and especially software development trainers.

Software Development Trainer Must Continuously Learn

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Software development technologies continuously change, and new ones emerge. Whether it is a new programming language, a new platform, a new framework, or a new library, we should stay tuned and continuously learn and update our professional skills.

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