What is Cornerstone Content?

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The cornerstone content of every website includes the main, and the most important pages and posts. It is the core of the website's content.

Identifying The Cornerstone Content

Identifying the cornerstone content of our website is highly important. It will allow us to optimize our SEO efforts. When using WordPress, many of the SEO’s plugins will allow us to mark every post its content can be considered important and central enough to be considered part of the cornerstone content. 

The Internal Linking Structure

When creating a handful of comprehensive, well-written articles optimized for our most important keywords and then adding links to these articles from other pages, blogs, and posts, we will get an internal linking structure that will improve the ranking of our website.

Who Should Write The Cornerstone Content?

The cornerstone content should be the best content of the website. In most cases, the website owner knows best about the topics the website refers to. Therefore, the owner likely knows how to create the most detailed, high-quality cornerstone content. 

The Development Phase

When designing a new website, and throughout the development phase, it would be best taking the cornerstone content into account, and allowing it to reflect on the structure of the website. More information about the importance of SEO for web developers can be found at the SEO and Web Development post at life michael


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