Why Web Developers Should Learn SEO?

The Importance of SEO to Software Developers life michael professional training services
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodical process that leads to having our website or one of its pages show as one of the first results when searching for specific terms.

There are mainly two ways for getting traffic to our website. We can either use paid advertising or we can take the organic SEO approach. Having a business one the web without significant traffic is the same as having a store in the middle of the desert. 

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is a methodical process for having our website listed on top of the search engine results by boosting keywords, back linking, writing high quality content, and manipulating the various tags the HTML page includes.

Web Applications Development and Maintenance

Implementing organic SEO methods when developing and maintaining the web application would be more effective and cheaper. Developing the web application without taking organic SEO considerations into account might result in changes that we would need to introduce in our web application afterwards. 

Web Applications Initial Plan
There are more than a few organic SEO considerations that can take place only before the development of our web applications starts. How the user interface will look? If and how the website will support multiple languages? These are just two out of many other organic SEO related questions we should ask before the development starts. 


The Visitor Design Pattern

The Visitor Design Pattern

The visitor design pattern allows us to add operations to objects that already exist without modifying their classes and without extending them.

What are Anti Patterns?

Anti Patterns

Unlike design patterns, anti patterns just seem to be a solution. However, they are not a solution and they cause additional costs.

Virtual Threads in Java Professional Seminar

Virtual Threads in Java

The use of virtual threads can assist us with improving the performance of our code. Learn how to use virtual threads effectively.

NoSQL Databases Courses, Seminars, Consulting, and Development

MongoDB Design Patterns Meetup

The use of MongoDB involves with various cases in which we can overcome performance issues by implementing specific design patterns.

image of woman and database

Record Classes in Java

Learn how to define record classes in Java, and when to use record classes in your code. Stay up to date with the new Java features.

The Beauty of Code

Coding is Art! Developing Code That Works is Simple. Develop Code with Style is a Challenge!

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