The Java Playground
During the Java 22 event, the Java playground was introduced. It is a great tool that can assist you with learning the language.

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During the introduction of Java 22, the new Java Playground tool was introduced. It is a new web browser based tool that allows us to code in Java and run our code in the web browser. 

The Java Language new Features

Solutions that allow us to write Java code inside the browser and run it have been around for many years. The Java Playground allows us to write code in Java that makes use of the newest capabilities (preview features), including capabilities that are not yet available as an official part of the language.

Java Playground

Learning The Basic Topics

The Java Playground tool is simple and can be used by anyone taking the first steps. However, as of this time, it still does not support debugging, so it can only be used for the first learning phase of the language.

The use of the tool is free, without cost, and without the need for prior registration. The tool is especially recommended when it comes to trying the new preview features. It allows us to do it without any hassle. 

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