The XtremeJ Championship

XtremeJ Competition
The coming XtremeJ online conference will include a small competition between all attendees.

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The XtremeJ online conference focuses on the Java programming language. XtremeJ gathers professionals from all over the world. The talks will be delivered in English. 

XtremeJ World Wide Competition

When the XtremeJ online conference starts we will announce about the competition. All attendees will get access to the XtremeJ Championship questionnaire (quiz). The first attendee that gets 100 will be announce as the XtremeJ Champion. 

Google Forms Based Quiz

The questionnaire will be available through the Google Forms platform. Every attendee who chooses to fill in the questionnaire will be asked to identify using a valid email address on the Gmail platform. Every attendee that takes part will be able to fill in the questionnaire only once. Towards the end of the day (conference) the champion will be announced. 

We produce similar competitions in our other two online conferences. XtremeJS focuses on JavaScript, and XtremePython focuses on Python.

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