SQL Injections Seminar

SQL Injections Seminar
Learn how to hack using SQL Injections, identify security vulnerabilities in your web application, and secure it accordingly.

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Dealing with hackers’ attempts to break into our web applications is an endless struggle. We must become familiar with the various possible security threats to update and improve the web applications we develop accordingly.

Web Applications Can be Easily Hacked with SQL Injections

Although SQL Injections is not a new topic, it turns out that many websites can be easily hacked using SQL Injections. From a short survey we conducted, it turns out that many software developers are unfamiliar with the subject. Most likely, the web application you are developing can also easily be hacked using SQL Injections.

Learn How The Hackers Hack with SQL Injections

In order to secure the web applications we develop we should be aware of the ways the hackers hack. Become familiar with the possibilities to hack with SQL injections and you will be able to secure your web applications accordingly. 

The SQL Injections Professional Seminar

We developed a professional seminar that focuses exclusively on this topic to help software developers understand how hackers break into websites using SQL injections. Take the SQL injections professional seminar and learn how to secure your web applications. 

We continuously develop seminars and courses for software developers and managers. We focus topics related to software development. 

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