Programming Languages Cheatsheets

Programming Languages Cheatsheet
The use of cheatsheets when learning a new programming languages might be highly useful. Especially when having background in programming.

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When learning a new programming language, having a summary of the commands might be very useful. We can either create that summary (cheatsheet) by ourselves or use a summary (cheatsheet) others have already created. 

The QuickRef.ME Cheatsheets

The websites includes multiple cheatsheets for different programming languages, frameworks and operating systems. 

cheatsheet programming languages

We strongly recommend to start with the website. It includes lots of cheatsheets for different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools. 

The Cheatography Cheatsheets

The Cheatography website includes hundreds of cheatsheets for various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks and libraries. 

cheatsheet programming languages

Some of the cheatsheets this website includes are out of date. Others might bee too long. When using this resource we strongly recommend to check the one you consider to use. 

Our Own Cheatsheets

In some cases, making the effort and create our own cheatsheet might be the most effective option. Creating our own cheatsheet we shall get a simple, short and effective cheaatsheet. 

If you happen to know a good resource for programming languages cheatsheets please don’t hesitate to send it to us. We will be glad to update this post accordingly. 

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