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When comparing companies that deliver professional training to software developers we can get a detailed objective comparison.

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When comparing professional services delivered by various companies, most likely the results will be quantitive ones. After all, the quantitive conclusions are the ones we usually take into consideration when picking a company to provide us with its service. Nevertheless, comparing professional services delivered by different companies will usually miss the secret ingredient that might exist in smaller companies.  

Flexible Service

When taking a service from a big corporate we cannot expect the same flexibility we enjoy when taking a service from a freelancer or a small company. That flexibility becomes highly important in a world that becomes more and more chaotic. When there is a need in changing the timetable or changing the curriculum, big corporates will find it very difficult to handle. Small companies (and especially freelancers) will usually be more flexible. This flexibility is only one aspect of the secret ingredient. 

The Extra Mile

Comparing our company with other similar ones, not only that you will notice the extra flexibility you can enjoy as with other similar small companies, you will also notice the extra mile we are willing to in each and every service we deliver. That extra effort (also known as the extra mile) is the core aspect of our secret ingredient. That extra effort significantly contribute to their premium essence. 

We continuously do our best to improve. The extra mile we are willing to is only one characteristic for the quality of our services. The continuous effort to improve based on feedbacks we receive from our clients isn’t less important. 

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