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When developing an application there are usually several relevant technologies. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable ones.

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Whether you develop an application for a mobile phone device, a tablet, a TV, or a personal computer, there are many technologies from which we can select the most suitable ones. 

Native Applications (without VM)
Whether we develop for an OS used for smartphones, such as iOS and Android, or for an OS used for tablets or OS used for desktops, such as Windows and macOS, we can develop the application using C++ or Kotlin so that when the code runs, there won’t be any VM in the background.

Native Applications (with VM)
We can avoid developing native applications using the C++ programming language. Alternatively, you can use a more modern programming language that makes use of the Virtual Machine, such as Kotlin or Java or #C (in the case of Android), Swift or #C (in the case of iOS, macOS, and iPadOS), and Java or Kotlin or Scala or C# in the case of a desktop operating system such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Developing a native application using C# involves the use of Xamarin.

Developing Applications using ReactNative or Flutter
Both options are very similar. Code written in a scripting language (in the case of Flutter, the code will be written in Dart, and in the case of React Native, the code will be written in JavaScript) is translated into a working application, and we immediately receive two versions of the application we developed. One is for iOS-based devices, and the other is for Android-based devices.

Each technological option has advantages and disadvantages. The set of considerations in the process of making the decision on which technologies to develop the application consists of many different considerations.

Technology Considerations
The different technological options have different capabilities. In addition, there are technologies that are more suitable than others for performing specific tasks. For example, when implementing VOIP, the use of code written in C++ will probably yield better results compared with the ones we get when trying to implement VOIP with JavaScript.

Business Considerations
The business model differs from application to application. For example, when the business model includes the need for the ability to update the application frequently (as a quick response to changing market conditions), as is the case with the Facebook application for smart mobile phones, using ReactNative or Flutter might be more successful compared to developing separated native applications for each and every platform we target.

Development Costs
When the development cost is an important consideration, it might be worthwhile to choose the hybrid option, which in many cases, is significantly cheaper than the other options. 

We strongly recommend carefully considering the various technological options in order to choose the most suitable option given the business model, the characterization of the application, and the other relevant considerations, such as the expected development costs (if applicable). We will be happy to assist you with making the right decision. 

If there is a need for professional training, we will be more than happy to assist. We will be happy to provide training services that are tailored to your needs while using the Extreme Blended methodology. Alternatively, you can use the premium courses we developed (such as the courses for learning Swift, Kotlin, Android, and Java) or the courses we developed on Udemy or specific seminars that cover the specific topics for which training is needed. 

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