Xamarin (Bright?) Future

Xamarin allows us to deliver native Android and iOS applications based on the very same shared C# codebase, using the same IDE, and the same APIs. Xamarin wraps the Android and the iOS APIs with its own API written in C#. In addition, most likely that some of the Xamarin’s API is implemented directly and separately on each one of the platforms. Those who are not well familiar with the buggy native applications development for iOS and Android will be impressed. However, the reality is different. The   pace in which the iOS and the Android platforms evolve is so fast that we will always have some sort of a gap between the Xamarin’s capabilities and those capabilities we have when developing in Java/Kotlin for Android or ObjectiveC/Swift for iOS. In addition, having the Xamarin’s layer on top of the Java layer (in case of Android) and the ObjectiveC/Swift layer (in case of iOS) most likely adds more bugs to those that already exist. Given the growing popularity of the successful hybrid applications option I doubt if Xamarin has any future in the long run (when dealing with cross platform mobile applications development).


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Which Computer is Faster?

Comparing two computers cannot be done solely by comparing their CPUs. There are many other factors that influence the performance .

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What is Cornerstone Content?

The cornerstone content of every website includes the main, and the most important pages and posts. It is the core of the website’s content.

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Code with Me Collaborative Coding

Using JetBrains’ IDEs you can easily share your IDE with remote friends allowing them to work on your IDE as if they were sitting next to you.

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Why Web Developers Should Learn SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodical process that leads to having our website or one of its pages show as one of the first results when searching for specific terms.

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The First Steps in CSS

Learn CSS using our our videos (in Hebrew) on the CSS (he) playlist on youtube. Do it now. Do it for free.

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The Beauty of Code

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