What are Anti Patterns?

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The term 'Anti Patterns' was coined by Andrew Koing in 1995. Having Anti Patterns in our project means additional costs.

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“An anti pattern is just like a pattern, except that instead of solution, it gives something that looks superficially like a solution but isn’t one” (Andrew Koenig)

The Professional Anti Patterns Seminar

In order to assist companies to avoid mistakes that indirectly increase their costs, we chose to develop the Anti Patterns professional seminar. This seminar explains what an Anti Pattern is, and then it goes over common anti-patterns that exist during the development and the testing phases. 

The Professional Anti Patterns Free Meetup

On August 1st we delivered a meetup that was dedicated to the Anti Patterns topic. You can find the video below. 

The slides that we were using during this meetup were uploaded on Slideshare. You can find them embedded below. 

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