TinyURL is one of the simplest web services I have ever met. It allows you to create a unique new URL address for any URL address you work with. The new URL short address is composed of ‘TinyURL.com/’ together with your unique word (e.g. browsing at ‘http://tinyurl.com/lifemichael’ will take you to my facebook profile at ‘http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742375122’).

Using this web service doesn’t required any registration and creating a new URL address is fairly simple.

At first, when I found that service I couldn’t see its usefulness. I admit. It seemed to me just as another redundant service I will never use.

Recently I have started a new cause via facebook that aims at changing the gym closing hours on Friday and Saturday… changing them back to 2100 as it used to be few years ago (instead of 2000). The URL address of my new cause on facebook is farily long (‘http://apps.facebook.com/causes/226469?m=3f1cca43’) and it seemed nearly impossible to invite people I meet in the gym to join this cause just by telling them this address. To simplify my verbal communication when inviting others to join this cause I have just created a new URL address via TinyURL. Browsing at ‘tinyurl.com/gymhours’ will take you to directly to the gym hours cause page.

Where else can we find TinyURL useful… ? 

In fact, every web site based on content generated by its users has endless unique URL addresses that include ‘difficult to remember’ characters… whether dealing with a specific video clip uploaded on YouTube, a specific photo uploaded on facebook, a specific document we uploaded on our blog… in all of those cases we can create ‘easy to remember’ URL addresses we can later share with our friends.

The business usefullness is obvious. Should you have a video clip uploaded on YouTube… a video clip that empowers your service, product or brand… a video clip you want your customers to share with their friends… who will share with others… and so on… make sure you create a unique tinyurl… one that is easy to remember. That will defently spread the word. The more people use TinyURL no doubt it would be easier to verbally communicate those unique URL address we create.

The only question left open… what would happen when this service becomes so popular that there won’t be any ‘easy to remember’ avbailable names to choose from.

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