Using the Zend_Locale component we can represent different locales. Each locale is a combination of a language and a country. Usually we will set the default locale of our application during the execution of our bootstrap file.


There are various possible ways for using the Zend_Locale. The following code sample creates new Zend_Locale objects for representing two different locales and printing out a specific date in according to each one of them.

$usLocale = new Zend_Locale('en_US');
$dateUs = new Zend_Date('12/02/2003', null, $usLocale);

$ilLocale = new Zend_Locale('he_IL');
$dateIl = new Zend_Date('12/02/2003', null, $ilLocale);

Zend_Debug::dump("in us ".$dateUs);	
Zend_Debug::dump("in il ".$dateIl);

The following video clip shows the execution of the last code sample.

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