I can still recall that summer. It was August 2002 when I attended a meeting with one of the biggest wireless carriers in Israel. They were looking for a software development company to develop games and applications for their new mobile telephones. The programming language was Objective C. Given the rising popularity of Java ME at that time I chose to avoid the opportunity, decline their request and keep my company focused on Java ME.

During the years to follow, the popularity of Java ME has indeed grown and Java ME mobile telephones have flooded the markets. At the same time, apple line of products continued to grow and following the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 the mobile telephones market has dramatically changed. Apple has succeeded where all other mobile telephones manufacturers failed. People started to realize that the mobile telephone isn’t just a device for talking with other people. People have started to use the mobile telephone for other purposes as well and started to buy applications for their iPhone. The primary programming language in use when developing applications for the iPhone platform is objective c.

These diagrams were taken from the www.tiobe.com web site that tracks programming languages popularity.

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