Dear Teachers,

Thanks for attending my lecture about ‘Applications Development for Mobile Telephone’ in Ben Gurion University. You can find the slides from my lecture at slides.

During the lecture I mention several URL addresses that are not shown in the slides. These addresses include the following:
This web site (english) offers online courses I develop for free (academic & personal) usage. Each course includes video clips, slides, assignments, solutions, forums, chats and relevant important links.,,,
Each one of these four web sites (hebrew) includes a short text book together with short video clips I develop. Everything is free for personal and academic usage. Both the video clips and the text books are in hebrew.

Please find below few video clips related to my lecture. I will be more than happy to stay in touch and get a friendship request at the social networks I use, such as facebook and linkedin. You can find me in those networks via the ‘contact’ section of my blog.

Sincerely yours,


Google Products on Android

iPhone Commercial

BlackBerry Commercial

Java is Everywhere

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