A visiting lecture about “Agile Methodologies”. Took place on July 9th 2008 as part of the “Development And Integration of Systems And Applications” course delivered by Prof. Dov Te’eni in Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA program).

You can download the slides of this lecture at the following URLs:
1. The System Development Life Cyclec
2. System Development Methodologies Overview
3. Agile Software Development Methodologies
4. The Scrum Project Management Methodology
5. The Extreme Programming Methodology
6. The Lean Software Development Methodology

These slides were taken from the “Agile Software Development” course at www.abelski.com.

Recommended vide clips related to this lecture:

Being Agile

Scrum Basics

More resources (slides, video clipse, links etc.) can be found in the “Agile Software Development” course at www.abelski.com.

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