On Thursday April 30th I have started to deliver a professional course for learning how to develop the web application server side in PHP. The course includes 140 academic hours, it takes place in HIT and its cost is 6200 shekels. The following video clip overviews the topics covered in this course. Although it was prepared for the course that took place in 2013 most of its parts are still relevant.

You can find detailed information about this course at http://hit.lifemichael.com/landing/page/production/index.html.

You can find the syllabus at

You can find the detailed plan at https://docs.google.com/document/d/11H4W_6w4AD3NSLBw_w5cwzg7UJON5KeZNDc2BcdSACk/pub.

You can find the google group we use in this course at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/hit-php-2015-04.

I chose to create video clips that cover this course in its first meetings in order to allow more people who find PHP interesting to taste this domain on their own without registering to the course.

The following video clips were taken during the first meeting and they overview the course tools, explain the http protocol, overview the basics in procedural programming and in html. In addition, they overview the required software the students should install on their computers.

The following video clips were taken during the second meeting. The first three video clips overview the following basics topics: arrays, functions and forms in HTML. The fourth video clip sets an introduction to OOP in PHP.

The first two meetings set the foundation required for having a continuous effective course. The third meeting is (officially) our first meeting in PHP. The following video clips were taken during the third meeting.

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