On Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, I started delivering a new cycle of the Python Programming [40 academic hours] course. You can find detailed information about this course at http://python.course.lifemichael.com/description40.pdf. So far we had two (out of five) meetings only. It is still possible to join.

Unlike the long course, that its fee is 6940 shekels (VAT included), the fee for this course is 5640 shekels (VAT included) only. In addition, students that register for the (short) Python programming course that already started on Tuesday, March 9th, will also be able to join the long course (based on available seats) next cycle, and if there won’t be an available seat it would be possible to join (based on available seats) to one of the next coming cycles we expect to deliver in the future. The course is limited to 10 students max. Currently, there are still 2 seats available. Those that choose to join will enjoy a 40% discount (instead of 5640 shekels the fee would be 3384 shekels). On top of this discount, an additional 15% discount will be given to life michael‘s and Haim Michael‘s ex-students (instead of 3384 shekels the fee would be 2876 shekels).

If this offer sounds interesting… please don’t hesitate and contact me directly ASAP and I will send you the link for watching the video of the first meeting, that already took place (without any obligation). Watch it… and take your decision afterward.

Joining this course, you will also enjoy the following benefits: Free Lunch Delivered to Your Home (You get a Budget of 65 shekels and choose whatever you want though 10bis), Free T-Shirts (with the logo of Python), a Free Pass to the XtremePython.dev conference (will take place by the end of 2021), and the possibility to enroll the Python’s courses I developed on Udemy (for free).


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