Microsoft has recently launched ‘bing’ at, its new search engine. At first look, you cann’t ignore the similarity between this new search engine and Both of them share a simple and a clean user interface as well as a similar results’s page format.

Comparing the two search engines we cannot avoid the similarity in their results page format and look & feel. The same colors are used for each result. The title in blue, the text in black and the URL address in green. Using the same colors surely creates a user experience comfortable for those who are used to using google. Whether in purpose… or not.. this is surely an excellent business decision.

I haven’t introduced a detailed search comparison between the two. Nevertheless, comparing the results searching for “Jacado Klondike Solitaire” (a popular game for mobile telephones) it seems the two search engines do their job. In total, I got 235 results searching via bing and 22,900 results searching via google. The number of findings is less important. Comparing the first page of results it seems that bing did a better job. Unlike google, it shows pages that focus on “Jacado Klondike Solitaire” only and avoides those pages their URL included the searched term without being focused on “Jacado Klondike Solitaire”. The new search engine ( also ignors (in its first page of results) those less important pages that shows the Jacado Klondike Solitaire game for sale together with other titles (google is being misleaded… it shows those pages in the first results page). The new search engine ( seems to do its work.

Moving forward trying the new search engine ( the experience I got surely surpisess (in a good way).

The new search engine vibes the look and feel using background theme that fits properly in its colors… and succeeds to create additional interest. Each day and its theme. The next feature one can expect is having the user able to set a new theme based on his own private personal photo. That would surely be an awesome feature lots will enjoy and choose to in order to personalize their own search page.

Moving forward and continue with my experience using bing I found few more nice features one can expect google to catch up and add to its search engine. One of them is the ability to get a snapshot from each one of the pages their URL results are shown on the results page (just by placing the mouse above the URL address).

Other nice features the new bing search engines has include the ability to search for videos (google default search page currently doesn’t allow that) and an easy to use list of our previous searches on the left.

Microsoft surely did an excellent work. Trying to bit their competitor it certainly seems that this time is different.

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