What is HTML5? When browsing at http://www.w3.org/html/wiki/FAQs you will find the following definition for HTML5:

People use the term HTML5 in two ways:
1. to refer to a set of technologies that together form the future Open Web Platform. These technologies include HTML5 specification, CSS3, SVG, MathML, Geolocation, XmlHttpRequest, Context 2D, Web Fonts (WOFF) and others. The boundary of this set of technologies is informal and changes over time.
2. to refer to the HTML5 specification, which is, of course, also part of the Open Web Platform.

The bottom line… there is the formal specification which will be most likely adopted by companies that develop web browsers… and there is the Open Web Platform that includes a magnificent set of technologies. That set changes over time. Most likely that not all of them will be supported by all web browsers. Small example… take for instance the Camera API that allows you to access the device camera. Most likely that some web browsers won’t support it and yet… will claim to be HTML5 compatible, while refering the HTML5 formal specification.

You can find more info about the great capabilities HTML5 Open Web Platform includes at https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/HTML/HTML5.

On April 8th I am going to deliver the ‘HTML Jump Start’ lecture. This lecture is useful especially for people without any background in software development. Software developers might also find it useful. After all, part of it will refer the HTML5 Open Web Platform new capabilities.

The lecture is open and free. You just need to reserve your seat by registering at http://lifemichael-html-jumpstart-2013.eventbrite.com.

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